The Final Countdown

I’m leaving in less than a week. Some unpleasant revelations that have come to my attention in recent days include the ominous news that my residence hall is still apparently a pile of rubble, and the drive up to Edi won’t be 5 or so hours as I had wrongly assumed, but more like 8. Grrrrreat. Showing up cramped and homeless, just as I always wanted. See, I’m already picking up some healthy Scottish pessimism.

Prep for moving my entire life up to the Lowlands consists of filling one suitcase and looking for Scottish flags. The latter is because I am having a small Scotch-themed goodbye bash on Friday, for which a friend is kindly lending me his mini penthouse. Wow, that makes me sound like a BALLA (he is, though). I must say, browsing endless products emblazoned with the St Andrew’s Cross did make me feel like a closeted die-hard separatist. Of which I have yet to form a solid stance (if I ever do) – maybe more on that at a later date.

So in light of my disorganisation, I write a list to remind myself of some essential TO DOs:

  • Watch Braveheart (re-watch Brave)
  • Read some Robert Burns
  • Pack:
    • Vitamin D supplements (to promote good health despite sunshine lack)
    • Waterproof… everything
    • Air bed and sleeping bag (for visiting friends – start booking your weekend slots, yo!)
    • Thermal underwear
    • Stilettos (those cobblestones won’t confound ME!)
  • Leave behind:
    • Sunscreen and shades
    • This inappropriate t-shirt (best not)
    • Scott’s Porage Oats (all men in Scotland shot-put and look like this… right??)

That’s all I got guys. Let me know if I’ve forgotten any other essentials.

The good new is, I know Scotland is the place for me because they have a national holiday, Burns Night, to celebrate their poet Robert Burns, which apparently involves piping in the haggis. A party with musical men in kilts, yummy processional food, and poetry? Uh, did they invent this holiday for me?

I’m filling my final days in London with a social media frenzy. I have recently been inducted into Instagram and have finally worked out how Twitter works. Follow me – links to the right!


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