Disaster strikes AGAIN

Three years after my first Macbook crisis (that horrific episode in Lausanne, outlined here), I find myself in almost exactly the same position. It seems my laptop relationships die at the three-year mark. Once again, I find I can no longer turn it on: a sure sign of the end. This time I may be partially – OK fully – to blame. I might have spilled my cappuccino on the side of the keyboard with the power key; all in complete, panicked, silence in the silent study area of the University library (note to self: keep the lid of hot drinks ON). GBF came to swift assistance with paper towels but it appears the damage was not limited to a few dodgy keys and a lingering smell of coffee, as I initially thought. Luckily, this time round I have made use of the Cloud, so even if my hard drive is gone (please no), it’s not the disaster it could have been. Since my laptop went kaput I have been treated much as if I have suffered a real bereavement. Gasps, eyes wide with shock, cries of genuine distress and commiseration: “oh my god, I’m so sorry Teresa!”

And once again the computer geeks are pulling through. Thank god for hall-mates who do techy degrees. Whether it be Nanotechnology or Artificial Intelligence, I’m ever grateful for the chivalrous offers of assistance, past and present. It’s always  good to have people around who understand computer things. It also throws into harsh light my own impotence when it comes to real, “hard” skills in life – particularly practical IT ones, so necessary these days. I can soft skill you to death, but put me in front of a motherboard and the best you’ll get is a short story about the miniature inhabitants of the cityscape that its components so resemble.

I have no temporary replacement laptop this time, but the key difference is I do have a SMARTPHONE. In all honesty if that disappeared I would suffer more. I realise I don’t miss my laptop so much precisely for that reason: my phone has taken over the role of digital dominant in my life. The timing of this laptop demise is pretty awful, and I once again find myself afflicted with physical manifestations of stress in spite of my rational thoughts, but I’m holding up ok. Focus on my studies has improved, writing this post longhand first was a good handwriting exercise and my friends’ faces look better in real life than in their Facebook photos anyway.


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