After a mere one night in London I found myself sitting in the airport earlier today, itching to return to my beloved Edi. It’s always a curious sensation, returning home after an extended period away in Uni-verse; having more than one place to call home.

I found myself getting rapidly irate in London, jostled in the madding crowds and on the receiving end of shockingly dour attitudes from service staff. Ain’t nobody got time for you in London town; even ordering a coffee in the quiet City airport departure lounge, staff could barely muster the energy to look me in the eye or say “thank you”. I guess I’d got used to the friendly service in Edinburgh, which so struck me when I first moved up.

My reason for flying back on a one-night whistlestop trip back to London was to meet my BFF who has just moved over from the other side of the planet. Ambling arm-in-arm with her under the twinkly Christmas lights of the West End (limping ever so slightly from a sprainked ankle – a gymnastics injury), in the much milder London weather, her love for my city and excitement at being there couldn’t help but rub off on me a little. London is amazing. It was good to be home, and to sleep in my old double bed, having spent the previous three nights in Edi top-to-tailing in my narrow single bed with all 193cm of a sleep-talking friend visiting from Germany. Yet I fizzed with relief and anticipation at returning to my Edinburgh again.

Incidentally, the above friends were ones that I met during that fateful exchange year in Switzerland, both of whom I have seen every year since – it was a Lausanne reunion double whammy. Lausanne holds the record for my best year at university, but Edinburgh is proving a worthy rival, and hey, the year’s not over yet so the game’s still wide open. I am blogging at a similar level as I was back then (a sure sign I’m having a good time), though I’m not travelling quite as much, and the people I’m meeting here are on another level.

To end on a positively relieved note, I have rejoined civilisation: I have a laptop again.


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