Semester Done

Good god, it’s been a whole month since I last wrote an article. I can only apologise, though none of my peers have exactly been clamouring for more reading. We have all spent the last few weeks scrambling to meet our winter deadlines and prepare for exam season. The main topics of small talk for the last month or so have been essays and tests. Fun. Only now are we starting to emerge, one by one, into the weak Scottish sunlight, blinking with the fatigue of all-nighters, staring at screens and books for hours on end and/or anxiety-induced insomnia.

I go home for the holidays today. My sleep pattern being what it is, I went down to the kitchen at 1am to cook the remainder of my food, and was surprised to find I wasn’t the only person. I was quite pleased to meet a girl whose sleep schedule has been even more messed up than mine (sleeping at 8am and waking in the evening takes it to another level). For my last few, deadline-free days in Edi I have been recovering from the recent stresses not by going out and getting sloshed (that seems to be reserved for term time, when I actually have classes?) but by staying in and spending some quality time with friends before we part ways temporarily. Activities have included a cheeky bit of music-making, watching the Victoria’s Secret winter show while stuffing our faces with crisps and chocolate (an act of defiance and/or despair?), staying up past 5am doing the 36 questions that are supposed to make you fall in love (we did it as a three, and though none of us fell in love with one another, we did get to know each other better), and playing Articulate. I put this down to my mental fatigue, but I have also been listening to a lot of Girls Aloud, thoroughly missing them, and wishing they had never split up.

An entire semester has flashed past and now Christmas is in five days. It has only been three months but looking back, the entire landscape of my life has shifted drastically in this short space of time. I know the same is true for everyone around me. People around me have fallen in love (some have already fallen back out), met life-changing new people, been to new places, had breakdowns and breakthroughs, acquired new skills… And yet we’ve barely scratched the surface.

I’ll be back in Edi for Hogmanay, the Scottish new year celebrations. Meanwhile, it’s back to the Big Smoke, mummy’s cooking and friends of old for the Xmas break. Merry Christmas!


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