Thesis… it?

The theses are in, the dissertations done, the Master degrees for all intents and purposes COMPLETE. We have all been booted out of our beloved(ish) postgrad student halls and have either left Edinburgh already, will soon, or are hanging around until our tier 4 visas expire.

I can barely believe that I will no longer be returning to my box room, or spending any more time in that now legendary giant kitchen, where so many friendships have been forged, so many alcoholic beverages consumed, so many tables danced upon, and where I once performed the entire choreography to Britney Spears’ Slave 4 U before a load of chums and a security guard.

And then there has been Edinburgh. Ahhh, Edi. Capital of the land who voted Remain. Capital of the land of miserable weather but awesome people. I have not yet encountered a town more “me” than Edinburgh, nor enjoyed a University experience more. Yes, I well and truly fell in love with Edinburgh.

I realise I haven’t written much (i.e. at all) in recent months. Apologies, life got a bit crazy, taken over with various things such as making a radio drama series, training for a Spartan Race, volunteering at the Film Festival, writing my dissertation, working at the Fringe, etc. etc.

Tonight is my last night, before heading back down south to the lung-congesting but warmer air of London. I’m ironically staying with a friend who is just going into his second year, and has all of his University experience ahead of him, while Mama T is bowing out of that life, probably forever. But I’m heartbroken to be leaving Edinburgh. Edinburgh has given me so much. It is the town where I made life-changing friends, and experienced great joy, and fell in love.

I will miss Edinburgh terribly, but looking on the bright side, half of my friends seem to be moving to London anyway, and many of the others I will probably see at graduation if I bother to come up for that. And whatever else, if I never see you again… well, we’ll always have Edi.


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